Our Services

Right from the morning drop off to afternoon pick-up, the kids are sure to have a great time at the Heritage Day Nursery. The low teacher-student ratio ensures that the teacher is able to pay attention to every single child.

All aspects of development like motor skills, shape/colour recognition, numbers, maths, and communication are tracked and monitored. The teacher and parent/carer can then discuss about the areas that the child has picked up good pace on, and areas where more focus is needed to bring the child up to speed.

A typical day for your little one at Heritage Nursery will be as below -

  • Drop off
  • Breakfast
  • Free Play
  • Organized Activities
  • Lunch
  • Nap
  • Organized activities
  • Free Play
  • Pick up
Our Services

There are a number of activities that your child will take part in. Some of them are as below

  • Mathematics

We understand the lifelong importance of counting, estimating, and calculating numbers. Children are exposed to basic concepts like number recognition, shapes recognition, patterning, opposites, and measurement

  • Self awareness and confidence

We try to build a child’s awareness of self and surrounding environment. We encourage a child to interact with questions like “Why are you sad?”, “What character is your favourite in this story?”, or “how was your day at home yesterday?”

  • Literacy

As a part of preparing for higher school education, we encourage children to learn basics like alphabets, words, and simple sentences. We also introduce the child to nursery rhymes, early science, numerals, and reading time.

  • Sports

Our focus is on the child’s 360-degree development which includes both mind and body. Regular planned physical activities encourages development of skills like team bonding, following mentor’s instructions, and growth of confidence and self-esteem.
Interested to know more about our offerings for nursery and pre-school children? Then connect with us today at Heritage Day Nursery, Hornchurch.